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Boeing, Iran airlines in discussions on aircraft sales that is new

Written by Larry Williams  •  Thursday, 14.04.2016, 09:53

“Boeing discussed the abilities of its own commercial passenger aer0planes and after-market services with Iranian airlines accepted by the United States government,” Boeing spokesman John Dern told AFP.

The assemblies “empowered us to better comprehend the status of their strategies for future operations”, their route structures, as well as their current fleets.
Boeing was granted permission by the US Treasury to learn more about the marketplace after US sanctions on Iran were somewhat revoked in January following a deal on its atomic programme.
Nevertheless, Airbus, which has had much more independence has already beaten to the punch it because the sanctions were removed to seek deals.

Dern said that Boeing needs Washington’s acceptance to close any deals with all the nation, which stays under terror-related sanctions from America.

With wishes to our first meetings with Iranian airlines, we know the scenario in the area is complicated and ever changing and we are going to continue to follow any US authorities that is updated guidance he said.

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