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Becoming a Clinical Psychologist in Malaysia

Written by   •  Tuesday, 23.08.2022, 04:13

If you want to be a clinical psychologist in Malaysia, you must meet the minimum requirements. You must have a valid practice certificate. Most clinical psychologists join the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology, which regulates clinical psychology in Malaysia. In addition, counsellors must register with Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia, the regulatory body for counseling services in the country. Psychologists with other specialisations, such as developmental psychologists, do not need to register. However, the road ahead is not easy. It will require you to overcome obstacles, but these will help you develop dedication, tenacity, and integrity.

Prerequisites to become a clinical psychologist in Malaysia
A Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology is the minimum requirement to work as a clinical psychologist in Malaysia. The course must also be completed with at least 1500 hours of supervised practica, including at least 700 hours of direct client contact. Clinical psychologists in Malaysia are regulated under the Allied Health Professions Act 2016. They are trained to diagnose and treat mental health conditions by using a range of psychological tests and assessment techniques.

After completing the master’s degree in clinical psychology, students can practice their profession by completing a placement in a clinic or mental health institution. This will give them hands-on experience while applying their theoretical knowledge and clinical skills to treat patients. They will also need to complete at least 1000 hours of supervised clinical placement, which is set by their local university. The Master’s in Clinical Psychology program is offered by two local universities: UKM, the government-owned University of Malaysia, and HELP University College, a privately owned higher-learning institute.

Entry requirements to study psychology in Malaysia
In order to pursue a degree in psychology in Malaysia, you need to fulfill certain requirements. These requirements include an undergraduate degree in a relevant field. For example, a Diploma in Psychology requires a 2.0 CGPA and at least two full passes in mathematics and science. It also requires a Pass in English. In addition, you need to have completed the compulsory English subjects at SPM level. In some cases, you can be exempted from SPM requirements if you have a foundation in other disciplines.

The entry requirements to study psychology in Malaysia vary depending on the specialisation. Some courses focus on research while others are applied. Regardless of the specialisation, you will need to complete an internship that lasts up to 16 weeks. This is necessary to help you prepare for the working environment. It is also vital to have strong analytical skills and problem solving skills. After graduation, you may choose to work in a clinical environment for several years.

Salary of a clinical psychologist in Malaysia
To be eligible for a job as a clinical psychologist in Malaysia, you must have a postgraduate degree in the subject. You must also complete at least 1500 hours of Master’s course work, of which at least 700 hours must be in direct customer contact. Under Malaysia’s Allied Health Professions Act, clinical psychologists are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems. They also help with research and counseling.

A clinical psychologist in Malaysia can expect an average yearly pay increase of 14%. However, there is a wide range of salary rates for a Counseling Psychologist. If you have more than ten years of experience in the field, you can expect to earn up to 251,500 MYR. In addition to salary, your educational qualification plays a significant role in determining your potential earnings. Generally, the higher your education is, the higher your salary will be.

Different types of psychologists in Malaysia
In Malaysia, there are different types of psychologists. There are registered counselors and clinical psychologists. The former is the more common type, but the latter is more specialized. A registered counselor is an individual with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He or she must have further training in clinical psychology to become a certified psychologist. A clinical psychologist communicates with clients to help them deal with mental health issues. Both types have unique educational and training requirements.

The number of clinical psychologists in Malaysia is limited, but the number is significant. The job description of a clinical psychologist is to conduct research, screen clients, diagnose disorders, and provide treatment. They can also work in various departments of teaching hospitals. Clinical psychologists are usually the most experienced and can provide high-quality care. They can provide psychological evaluations and psychotherapy. Whether the patient is a patient or a caretaker, the clinical psychologist can provide treatment.

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